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posted Apr 5, 2013, 1:01 PM by Adrian Brightmoore   [ updated Jun 9, 2013, 5:28 PM ]
A spawner filter for creating blocky animations, and also for generating sets of blocks in the world at specified intervals. Download from the bottom of this page.

This filter creates animated areas in the world. It was requested by FoamyTrampoline after seeing Sralam's proof of concept. Fer22f also wondered if we could make an auto-wheat planter with spawners, and this filter does exactly that.

For the original Reddit thread by /u/Sralam, go here:

See also - @Texelelf's false floor trick (Video and world save)

Helicopter Launch Pad FRAMINATION

Tie Fighter with FRAMINATION - pathing

Death Star Trash Compactor FRAMINATION demo

  1. You make models for each frame of animation in your world, next to each other width-ways for MCEdit (i.e. along the X axis). Each model needs to be the same width.
  2. Then in MCEdit, select the models, specify how wide they are, and run the script.
  3. The script creates spawners, one for each block in each frame of animation. The timing is set up so that as one set of blocks disappears, the next set from the following frame appears. The blocks are called 'falling sand' but they are made to look like the blocks you used in your model.
  4. At runtime the flipping of sets of blocks acts like a cartoon, but in 3D. I have some videos on my YouTube channel (abrightmoore) which are called "FRAMINATION". You can see some of the MCEditing in them and learn more about what goes on.

Version 11: Bugfixes (Timing and usability) 

Version 10: Support configuring the life of the blocks to allow auto farms.

Version 9: Supports animating along a simple line path, and works with 1.5. This feature was suggested by YouTube user WaterInAMelon

Version 7: Allows you to specify the co-ordinates where the animation will appear, suggested by MrSpinker. Also allows you to offset multiple animations so they can run interleaved at the same spot.

Version 6: Updated to include a 'delay' between animations. Useful to have a special animation in an area once-in-a-while, instead of looping constantly. Also included the spawners being placed in the same CHUNK to ensure animations stay in sync, by request of Sralam.

Credit:@SethBling (, /u/Sralam (, WaterInAMelon, @Texelelf, @tomutwit, @hypixel, @Jigarbov, @Anistuffs, @Dinnerbone
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