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Block Schematic Swapper

posted Jun 1, 2013, 4:37 AM by Adrian Brightmoore   [ updated Nov 20, 2018, 4:33 AM ]
Version 3 centres the schematic around the marker block, and also removes the requirement to have the schematics placed under a 'filters' directory. Put them wherever you like.

Version 2 adds a feature requested by /u/Anguiish where you can specify a directory of schematics and have them randomly replace the found block.

How you use this new feature:
  • Put your schematics of different spawners in a directory under 'filters', check the box on the filter, and type in the name of that directory. When you run the filter on a selection area a random schematic will be swapped in for each block that is found.
The attached file has schematics for a village.

Tutorial for v2 and the directory feature

MCEdit filter tutorial - writing Block Schematic Swapper

This filter replaces the nominated block in the selection area with the contents of a schematic file.

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