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The World Forge

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**Title of submission** The World Forge

**Easy or hard mode** Hard

**Link to submission photos or video (preferably youtube or Imgur)**


Build Stream Recording: 



The World Forge is a planet building factory far out in deep space. A cloud of raw materials surrounds a part of the planet under construction. Parts are manufactured close to the assembly point by teams of skilled engineers and machinists using advanced technology. 

Space tugs assemble the planetoid. The shop floor is a set of suspended rings which hold the parts in position with space warping energy fields. 

The far side of the factory houses the workforce and their families, secured from the vacuum of space by the hull of the various complex modules. Raw materials are freighted in by convoys of ships from clouds elsewhere in the galaxy. 


** Notes: **

* Close to 350 Million blocks (including the background galaxy)
* The Wold Forge is just over 7 million blocks
* You can download the schematic here: 


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Jungle Tree Village

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For the Reddit /r/Minecraft build challenge

Title of submission The Junglificates

Easy or hard mode Hard

Link to submission photos or video (preferably youtube or Imgur)


Build Stream Recording:


This village is raised high above the Jungle canopy in ancient M'hhoolo trees. The central, oldest, trunk hosts the farms in it's top, a tavern, church, and some common halls. There is an old fort reinforced over many years build in and around a satellite tree. A blacksmith is kept away from the core village infrastructure in case of fires. Houses are on and around other trunks.

Connecting the village are suspension bridges draped through the air. A selection of villagers already live there, and they welcome new residents.


World download below.


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Modern House Challenge

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Reddit bi-weekly build challenge:

Title of submission Pacific Paradise
Easy or hard mode Hard
Link to submission photos or video (preferably youtube or Imgur)
This is a build based on an amplified ocean terrain (world seed 13). It was completed in one night and took approx 5 hours.
The house is build on an ancient ocean volcanic plug, much like Ball's Pyramid.
It is a two level residence, with bed, ensuite and theatre above, and entertaining (including an infinity pool with transparent floor) below. The entry way is through a modern art collection including abstract sculptures.

/r/Place - explorable heightmapped Minecraft World

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Temple of Babel

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Inspired by the biblical Tower of Babel, this desert temple is an entry in the /r/Minecraft build challenge:

Skyscraper: Parklands Tower

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Reddit /r/Minecraft build challenge

Two nights' work.

Reddit competition post:

Apocalypse 2016

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Reddit /r/Minecraft build challenge

3 days effort over 1 week.

Reddit thread:

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